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Threesome Thursday

This week’s threesome is from Love and Rockets. Enjoy!

PLAY If There's A Heaven Above

PLAY It Could Be Sunshine

PLAY No New Tale To Tell


Poetry Wednesday

I’m guest blogging on Clareified today. Go there and enjoy a poem from Allen Ginsberg.



As much as I love Isaiah Mustafa and the Old Spice commercials, this is pretty funny.

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Threesome Thursday

This week’s threesome have David Sylvian as the common denominator. The first song is from his band Japan.

PLAY Gentlemen Take Polaroids

Next up is a song from his brilliant solo work, The Secrets of the Beehive. Just check out the talented guests on the recording.

PLAY Orpheus

The last of the threesome is from The First Day, a project with Robert Fripp (and a host of other musical greats.)

PLAY Jean the Birdman

Enjoy these songs!



Harvey Pekar

R.I.P. Harvey Pekar


Threesome Thursday

This week’s Threesome is dedicated to Dawn Summers. I bet you didn’t know it was her birthday, did you? Who am I fooling? The entire world knows it is her birthday. Even the Empire State Building is lit up white/white for her birthday – get it, vanilla, vanilla? I bet you were thinking racist thoughts instead.

Enjoy this threesome of birthday songs. And Ms. Summers, I insist that you listen to each one.

The first birthday song to get you started is from Röyskopp.

PLAY Happy Birthday

The second birthday song is from The Birthday Party. I know that Dawn is a Nick Cave fan so she should enjoy this one. ; )

PLAY Happy Birthday

The third birthday song is from Altered Images. Whenever I think of birthday songs, this one always pops into my head, even before The Beatles and Sugarcubes.

PLAY Happy Birthday

I considered using The Smith’s Unhappy Birthday but Dawn would really think that I hate her if I had included it in the threesome.

vanilla vanilla
– and if you live in the Washington DC area, be sure to pick up some yummy cupcakes from Hello Cupcake and more importantly, if you are a nice person, send some to Brooklyn!

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Threesome Thursday

This week’s threesome is from The Clash. As our Independence Day nears I thought I’d do a threesome of politically-tinged songs. Enjoy!

PLAY (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais

PLAY Straight To Hell

PLAY Spanish Bombs

And if you are in NYC and looking for something to do this holiday weekend, check out the site.