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Tony Curtis - Some Like it Hot
I love this movie!

R.I.P. Tony Curtis


Way Out West

My travel partner in crime has been writing up our adventures out west. Because I could never top these accounts, I’m linking them here. Maybe one day I’ll actually give you my side of the stories.

Denver 1

Denver 2


From Des Moines with Love

Still to come, South Dakota where the zombies refuse to roam, more trouble with the po po in Iowa, and St. Louis Blues.

If you have some time to kill you can view my photos on flickr.


Friars Club Comedy Film Festival

It’s time again for the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival. Last year’s inaugural festival offered lots of great films and this year promises to be a good one too. I’m helping out again so come on out to see some fun films and be sure to say hi!

Friars Club Comedy Film Festival

Check out the film festival schedule.



After reading about the latest blunder in the name of Christianity, I wanted to write a thoughtful post for my blog. However, work got in the way so I haven’t had any time to pen my opinions.

Then I saw this and had to include it here. Hahaha. Love it!

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Weekend tumbling

Looks like another busy weekend so I’ll leave you with my ten latest tumblr posts: