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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

I want Werner Herzog to read me bedtime stories too…

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WPBT 2010

Well the weather outside is frightful…what do you expect for December in New York? Tomorrow I’ll be basking in the Las Vegas sunshine. Okay, not for too long because I’ll be spending most of my time at a poker table in a freezing cold casino.

The 2010 WPBT Winter Gathering kicks off tomorrow – I’m looking forward to hanging out with this fun group of folks, most of whom I haven’t seen in over a year or more. One of the traditions of the big tournament is to have a bounty to give to the person who busts you from the tournament. My goal on Saturday is to collect as many bounties as I can and not ever give mine away. But in case someone does bust me, here’s what they will get:

Each year my company does a Halloween promotion for our clients. This year we decided to make our own deck of cards with custom illustrations and a hand-crafted letterpressed box. I thought this would be an appropriate bounty item.

And of course, what bounty from me would be complete without something bacony?

And a nifty little “luck” sack to carry them in.

For more info about the weekend check out these sites:

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Don Meredith

R.I.P. “Dandy Don” Meredith, Dallas Cowboys QB and Monday Night Football icon.


I went to the Quentin Tarantino roast

and all I got was a bad photo with Mr. Blonde. Okay, I also got a free lunch, lots of laughs and lots of booze. Read about it here.