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Busy busy busy so here’s my last ten tumblr posts to keep you visually occupied.



It’s been a while since I’ve done an R.I.P. post and because November was a particularly busy month for the Angel of Death, I thought I’d start a new, consolidated monthly R.I.P. post. Here are some of the notable deaths (to me) listed on Wikipedia. And because there are so many folks that I’ve never heard of, I thought I’d use a number generator to pick one of these folks for the post.

Matty Alou

November 3 – Matty Alou (I’m not familiar with his playing baseball but his name usually comes up in crossword puzzles.

Andy Rooney

November 4 – Andy Rooney

Joe Frazier

November 7 – Joe Frazier

Bil Keane

November 8 – Bil Keane and his crazy family!

Heavy D

November 8 – Heavy D

Laura Kennedy

November 14 – Laura Kennedy – from the fun 80s band, Bush Tetras

John Neville

November 19 – John Neville – so wonderful in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Sergio Scaglietti

November 20 – Sergio Scaglietti – designer of some lovely Ferraris

November 21 – Anne McCaffrey – loved her Dragonrider series when I was a kid

Ken Russell

November 27 – Ken Russell

Patrice O'Neal

November 28 – Patrice O’Neal

Random number selector resulted in November 12, 2nd listing:

Jim Sullivan

November 12 – Jim Sullivan