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Wonderful Walter

I’ll be sad to see the end of this show.


Is it April yet?

I’m not sure how long this will last, given Fox’s seek and destroy order of everything Simpsons on the web.


Fresh Guacamole

Wonderful new animation from PES.



In February, the Angel of Death visited these folks:

February 1 – Don Cornelius

February 3 – Ben Gazzara

February 5 – Bill Hinzman

February 11 – Whitney Houston

February 12 – John Severin

February 12 – David Kelly

February 16 – Gary Carter

Colvin in Tahrir Square. Photograph by Ivor Prickett/Sunday Times/AP Photo.

February 22 – Marie Colvin

Image Credit: Mel Evans/AP

February 24 – Jan Berenstain

February 28 – Hal Roach

February 29 – Davy Jones

Random number selector resulted in February 22, 6th listing:

February 22 – Royal Academy – Irish racehorse

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