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Mystery at 423

The adventure begins…

OrangeYouGlad advent calendar

OrangeYouGlad for Halloween?



Fun at work – see the rest

Homer and bacon


New App

Check it out, I wrote my first android app – the Dawn Summers Respect-o-meter. As you can see, it’s thumbs down for Dawn.

evo app

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One week later the pumpkins are starting to show decay.

kane street pumpkin

kane street pumpkin

kane street pumpkins

kane street pumpkins

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I was wrong about the jack o’ lantern display in my neighborhood. They actually put the pumpkins out on Halloween and leave them up throughout November.





Check out the Kane Street Pumpkins for yourself.

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Stingy Jack

Did you know that originally, Jack o’ lanterns were were made from turnips and potatoes in Ireland? has a fun section on the history of Jack o’ lanterns and Halloween.

In my neighborhood, every October someone would carve out a ton of baby pumpkins and impale them on their cast iron fence. As the month went on, the grinning or grimacing pumpkins would decay into shrunken heads. I went by there this evening to take some new photos but alas, no pumpkins. However, my friend Steve took a bunch of great photos last year. Here’s some old photos of the pumpkins during the middle of their decomposition:



Some jack o’ lanterns found on the web:

jack o lantern
Gourds in Hell

jack o lantern
Got the munchies

jack o lantern
Crazy intricate Death Star

Some fun jack o’ lantern galleries:

Jack o’ Lanterns
Geeky Jack o’ Lanterns

Tips to carve your own:
Walt’s Pumpkin Carving Secrets
Pumpkin Masters

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Halloween at OrangeYouGlad

October is a special time of the year for the folks at OrangeYouGlad. We decided years ago that instead of sending Christmas cards or gifts to our clients, we would focus on Halloween (it being the bestest day of the year of course). We’re furiously working on our 2009 promotion but thought you might like to revisit some of our past promos:

Read Scary Mary’s Little Bleak Book

Create your own Paper Plate Masks

Cook up something from our Eerie Eats Recipe Cards
Eerie Eats Recipe Cards

Have a drink in our VooDoo Lounge
VooDoo dolls


Continuation on a Crafty Theme

Everyone’s making something these days, well, everyone but me. I’ll leave these types of activities to the professionals or highly motivated.

skull cuff links garnet necklace skull cuff

Etsy has put up their Halloween Trends gift guide. Please feel free to buy me anything that:

1. Has a skull or skeleton
2. Has a bat
3. Has a gravestone
4. Is scary, not cutesy

More Etsy stuff to buy me (remember the guidelines above).

Now get shopping!


Weekend Project

For you DIYers out there…

build your own coffin

Wayne of the Woods offers free coffin plans as well as other coffin bookshelf options.

Or for the lazy, you can buy this classic coffin online: