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if I get married, I want this for a wedding cake…


Threesome Thursday

This week’s Threesome is dedicated to Dawn Summers. I bet you didn’t know it was her birthday, did you? Who am I fooling? The entire world knows it is her birthday. Even the Empire State Building is lit up white/white for her birthday – get it, vanilla, vanilla? I bet you were thinking racist thoughts instead.

Enjoy this threesome of birthday songs. And Ms. Summers, I insist that you listen to each one.

The first birthday song to get you started is from Röyskopp.

PLAY Happy Birthday

The second birthday song is from The Birthday Party. I know that Dawn is a Nick Cave fan so she should enjoy this one. ; )

PLAY Happy Birthday

The third birthday song is from Altered Images. Whenever I think of birthday songs, this one always pops into my head, even before The Beatles and Sugarcubes.

PLAY Happy Birthday

I considered using The Smith’s Unhappy Birthday but Dawn would really think that I hate her if I had included it in the threesome.

vanilla vanilla
– and if you live in the Washington DC area, be sure to pick up some yummy cupcakes from Hello Cupcake and more importantly, if you are a nice person, send some to Brooklyn!

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Dear diary

Why is it that folks cannot understand medium coffee with cream? How hard is it to get that order correct? You put the coffee in the cup, you add a little half n half, you put the top on the cup. No sugar, no splenda, no sweet n low. Jebus, I’m not talking rocket science here.


We interrupt our regularly scheduled program…

Look what the UPS man just dropped off:

caramel apples from Sherm Edwards Candies

Yummy caramel apples from Sherm Edwards Candies. It’s probably too late to order some apples for yourself but they’ve got a ton of other tasty treats for you. Everyone at OrangeYouGlad loves getting packages from Sherm Edwards!

Thanks Dave!


Halloween at OrangeYouGlad

October is a special time of the year for the folks at OrangeYouGlad. We decided years ago that instead of sending Christmas cards or gifts to our clients, we would focus on Halloween (it being the bestest day of the year of course). We’re furiously working on our 2009 promotion but thought you might like to revisit some of our past promos:

Read Scary Mary’s Little Bleak Book

Create your own Paper Plate Masks

Cook up something from our Eerie Eats Recipe Cards
Eerie Eats Recipe Cards

Have a drink in our VooDoo Lounge
VooDoo dolls


World Zombie Day

October 11 is World Zombie Day – your chance to smear on some blood and gnaw on human body parts. If you live in the Pittsburgh area (I’m looking at you Dave) you can do your zombie-thang at the actual Monroeville Mall, featured in George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.

Some of my fav zombies flicks:

Night of the Living Dead
Shaun of the Dead
28 Days Later

This is on my list of movies to see – I think World Zombie Day would be a good day to do so:

And just for fun, here’s a great track from The Zombies