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New App

Check it out, I wrote my first android app – the Dawn Summers Respect-o-meter. As you can see, it’s thumbs down for Dawn.

evo app

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New toy

I’ve been depressed lately, hmm…who am I kidding, I think I’ve been mildly depressed for the last two years. But this week I was really feeling down. I don’t really want to go into why – I’m sure my two or three readers don’t want to hear it – I’m only mentioning it because it was one of major motivations for me picking up a new toy last night. And yes, this new toy does vibrate. And no, it’s not that kind of a toy!

I’ve been teased mercilessly about my ancient mobile phone, and yet, every time I open it to full keyboard, folks around me always ask me what kind of new-fangled phone it is. I would just laugh.
So now I have my new toy, and what fun it is! So much to learn, so many applications, so many uses! I hope it doesn’t disappoint me, I can’t bear to be more depressed. Somehow I think that teeny green robot will boost my spirits. Well that, and the chocolate ice cream sandwich I’m about to eat.

sprint evo

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Be there and bomb scare

Last night at the Buzzcocks show in Irving Plaza, a roadie had Pete Shelley stop mid song and handed him a note to read to the audience – the police were looking for the owner of a car parked nearby.

Turns out the police thought the car to be a bomb threat – two gas cans on the back seat and parked in front of a ConEd building. They busted two of the car’s windows and sent in the friendly bomb squad robot to check things out. The guy who owned the car was actually at the concert and had to leave only to find himself under investigation (short-lived) and with a damaged car (hmmm, who will pay for the damages?)

Geez – while I guess it is better to be safe than sorry, isn’t this going a bit overboard with the paranoia? A warning to anyone who plans to park in NYC, be sure all your combustibles and explosives are tucked away neatly in your trunk.

By the way, the Buzzcocks show was a lot of fun. Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle sounded great and looked like they were having a blast. And to be in a mosh pit (is it even called a mosh pit these days?) again after so many years! I think I may have some bruises but it was well worth it!

Here’s a post about the bomb scare on Brooklyn Vegan.