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Happy Day of the Dead! Now’s the time for you to go visit any family members buried in cemeteries. Clean up their gravesite and leave some pretty flowers or a little pumpkin.

Check out these lovely Day of the Dead skulls and skeletons. You can’t deny they are perfect Halloween decorations. Or in my case, year round decorations (in my world, everyday is Halloween) – here’s one I picked up one summer at the beach with friends.


Some fun skulls I found on the web:

Day of the Dead Skull

Day of the Dead Skull

And of course there are the sugar skulls:

Sugar skulls

Some Day of the Dead Photoshop brushes and pngs you can download for free:

day of the dead brush set

You can purchase a lovely book of antique prints:

Calaveras Mexican Prints for the Day of the Dead


We interrupt our regularly scheduled program…

Look what the UPS man just dropped off:

caramel apples from Sherm Edwards Candies

Yummy caramel apples from Sherm Edwards Candies. It’s probably too late to order some apples for yourself but they’ve got a ton of other tasty treats for you. Everyone at OrangeYouGlad loves getting packages from Sherm Edwards!

Thanks Dave!


Continuation on a Crafty Theme

Everyone’s making something these days, well, everyone but me. I’ll leave these types of activities to the professionals or highly motivated.

skull cuff links garnet necklace skull cuff

Etsy has put up their Halloween Trends gift guide. Please feel free to buy me anything that:

1. Has a skull or skeleton
2. Has a bat
3. Has a gravestone
4. Is scary, not cutesy

More Etsy stuff to buy me (remember the guidelines above).

Now get shopping!