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well, call them – 1 719 266 2837. You know you want to.

Hall and Oates


Lighthouse International Film Festival

Lighthouse International Film Festival

This weekend is the 3rd Lighthouse International Film Festival. Four of us from OrangeYouGlad (proud sponsors of the film festival) are heading down for a weekend of great films, wonderful folks, sun, and of course, tasty beverages! Be sure to say “hi” to us if you attend the festival!


WPBT 2010

Well the weather outside is frightful…what do you expect for December in New York? Tomorrow I’ll be basking in the Las Vegas sunshine. Okay, not for too long because I’ll be spending most of my time at a poker table in a freezing cold casino.

The 2010 WPBT Winter Gathering kicks off tomorrow – I’m looking forward to hanging out with this fun group of folks, most of whom I haven’t seen in over a year or more. One of the traditions of the big tournament is to have a bounty to give to the person who busts you from the tournament. My goal on Saturday is to collect as many bounties as I can and not ever give mine away. But in case someone does bust me, here’s what they will get:

Each year my company does a Halloween promotion for our clients. This year we decided to make our own deck of cards with custom illustrations and a hand-crafted letterpressed box. I thought this would be an appropriate bounty item.

And of course, what bounty from me would be complete without something bacony?

And a nifty little “luck” sack to carry them in.

For more info about the weekend check out these sites:

More information about the great add-ons from PokerStars and FullTiltIt Just Keeps Getting Better!

April’s blog – WPBT Winter Classic 2010

Winter Classic Facebook Page


October 9

New York City Marble Cemetery

You can visit the New York City Marble Cemetery today and tomorrow through openhousenewyork weekend.

openhousenewyork offers visits to a myriad of New York’s architectural gems. I highly recommend taking advantage of the open house weekend.

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We interrupt our regularly scheduled program…

This Thursday my friend LJ has a new show opening at Root Hill Cafe in Park Slope.


Needless to say, I think her paintings are quite wonderful so stop by to check them out.


Friars Club Comedy Film Festival

It’s time again for the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival. Last year’s inaugural festival offered lots of great films and this year promises to be a good one too. I’m helping out again so come on out to see some fun films and be sure to say hi!

Friars Club Comedy Film Festival

Check out the film festival schedule.



After reading about the latest blunder in the name of Christianity, I wanted to write a thoughtful post for my blog. However, work got in the way so I haven’t had any time to pen my opinions.

Then I saw this and had to include it here. Hahaha. Love it!

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Threesome Thursday

This week’s Threesome is dedicated to Dawn Summers. I bet you didn’t know it was her birthday, did you? Who am I fooling? The entire world knows it is her birthday. Even the Empire State Building is lit up white/white for her birthday – get it, vanilla, vanilla? I bet you were thinking racist thoughts instead.

Enjoy this threesome of birthday songs. And Ms. Summers, I insist that you listen to each one.

The first birthday song to get you started is from Röyskopp.

PLAY Happy Birthday

The second birthday song is from The Birthday Party. I know that Dawn is a Nick Cave fan so she should enjoy this one. ; )

PLAY Happy Birthday

The third birthday song is from Altered Images. Whenever I think of birthday songs, this one always pops into my head, even before The Beatles and Sugarcubes.

PLAY Happy Birthday

I considered using The Smith’s Unhappy Birthday but Dawn would really think that I hate her if I had included it in the threesome.

vanilla vanilla
– and if you live in the Washington DC area, be sure to pick up some yummy cupcakes from Hello Cupcake and more importantly, if you are a nice person, send some to Brooklyn!

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Threesome Thursday

This week’s threesome is from The Clash. As our Independence Day nears I thought I’d do a threesome of politically-tinged songs. Enjoy!

PLAY (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais

PLAY Straight To Hell

PLAY Spanish Bombs

And if you are in NYC and looking for something to do this holiday weekend, check out the site.


Lighthouse International Film Festival

It’s that time of the year again – time to hit the beach, enjoy some films, and hang out with a great bunch of folks. I had a blast last year and this year looks to be the same. So come on down to LBI and join us for some fun.


Once again OrangeYouGlad did the poster, website and program guide for the festival.

Check out some of the films you can see this weekend.


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