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tumbling for now

Busy busy busy so here’s my last ten tumblr posts to keep you visually occupied.


Weekend tumbling

Looks like another busy weekend so I’ll leave you with my ten latest tumblr posts:


It’s my party

and I’ll tumblr if I want to.

I’ve posted some famous folks (well, one who isn’t famous but there is a famous person in that photo) who share my birthday:

January 16th birthdays >

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I like

I’ve been busy posting tons ‘o things that I like on tumblr. Stop by for a quick visit.


I’ll tumble 4 ya

I’ve been posting four found images plus one album cover in the I Like category. But now I’ve given in to the simpler way of doing this by starting a tumblr account. So visit Mad Tumbling to see what it is that I like.

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