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We interrupt our regularly scheduled program…

Stephane has updated her site with more hilarious reports from our trip way out west:

South Dakota 1

South Dakota and Iowa – and a touch of Minnesota

Iowa and a bit of Nebraska

You can view my photos from the trip on flickr:

Mt. Rushmore
Miscellaneous South Dakota


Way Out West

My travel partner in crime has been writing up our adventures out west. Because I could never top these accounts, I’m linking them here. Maybe one day I’ll actually give you my side of the stories.

Denver 1

Denver 2


From Des Moines with Love

Still to come, South Dakota where the zombies refuse to roam, more trouble with the po po in Iowa, and St. Louis Blues.

If you have some time to kill you can view my photos on flickr.


Poetry Wednesday

I’m guest blogging on Clareified today. Go there and enjoy a poem from Allen Ginsberg.