Kraftwerk Tickets Blues

Sadly, I spent my lunch yesterday in the queue too. Keine Karten für mich!

Update: and the inevitable Hitler meme video:



January was not kind to drummers…

January 6 – Tom Ardolino

January 14 – Pilar Montero

January 14 – Robbie France

January 17 – Johnny Otis

January 20 – Etta James

January 22 – Joe Paterno

January 24 – Andrew MacNaughtan

January 24 – James Farentino

January 26 – Robert Hegyes

Random number selector resulted in January 21, 2nd listing:

January 21 – Jodie-Anne White


Jeff Mangum

When I first heard In the Aeroplane Over the Sea I fell completely in love with Neutral Milk Hotel. I brought the cd to work and folks at first scoffed but soon a majority of them were singing along. When NMH was to play at the 9:30 Club, we all went. Alas, the band had van trouble, showed up late and played a pretty crappy show. However, we were all so much in love with their music that we forgave them. Then nothing…

Now Jeff Mangum is doing a tour of solo shows. I tried to get tickets when he played in Manhattan but no luck. When the shows at BAM were announced, I anxiously awaited, clicking refresh over and over on my computer. I managed to get tickets for one show. And then another one was announced so I got a ticket for that show as well. There is also a third show but I only bought tickets for two shows – I didn’t want to be too greedy, I figured other folks should have the chance to see him.

The first show was last night. And wow, from the first notes played I actually had tears in my eyes. I sang along with all the songs (trying not to be too loud so as to not annoy my seatmates). It was hard to stay in my seat, I really wish this was a standing show. In addition to the tracks from In the Aeroplane Over the Sea and On Avery Island, he did the song Little Birds which I absolutely adore. Give it a listen and get hooked.

You can still find tickets (at cost!) for tonight and tomorrow on Craigslist – I highly recommend this show!



Angel of Death recipients for December…

December 6 – Dobie Gray

Harry Morgan
December 7 – Harry Morgan

December 8 – Alan Styles

John Patrick Foley
December 11 – John Patrick Foley

George Whitman
December 14 – George Whitman

Christopher Hitchens
December 15 – Christopher Hitchens

Kim Jong-il from Team America
December 17 – Kim Jong-il

Kiss of the Vampire Don Sharp
December 18 – Don Sharp

Václav Havel
December 18 – Václav Havel

Ron Smith
December 19 – Ron Smith

Sean Collins
December 26 – Sean Collins

Random number selector resulted in December 22, 2nd listing:

Zithulele Sinqe
December 22 – Zithulele Sinqe


Call me

well, call them – 1 719 266 2837. You know you want to.

Hall and Oates


tumbling for now

Busy busy busy so here’s my last ten tumblr posts to keep you visually occupied.



It’s been a while since I’ve done an R.I.P. post and because November was a particularly busy month for the Angel of Death, I thought I’d start a new, consolidated monthly R.I.P. post. Here are some of the notable deaths (to me) listed on Wikipedia. And because there are so many folks that I’ve never heard of, I thought I’d use a number generator to pick one of these folks for the post.

Matty Alou

November 3 – Matty Alou (I’m not familiar with his playing baseball but his name usually comes up in crossword puzzles.

Andy Rooney

November 4 – Andy Rooney

Joe Frazier

November 7 – Joe Frazier

Bil Keane

November 8 – Bil Keane and his crazy family!

Heavy D

November 8 – Heavy D

Laura Kennedy

November 14 – Laura Kennedy – from the fun 80s band, Bush Tetras

John Neville

November 19 – John Neville – so wonderful in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Sergio Scaglietti

November 20 – Sergio Scaglietti – designer of some lovely Ferraris

November 21 – Anne McCaffrey – loved her Dragonrider series when I was a kid

Ken Russell

November 27 – Ken Russell

Patrice O'Neal

November 28 – Patrice O’Neal

Random number selector resulted in November 12, 2nd listing:

Jim Sullivan

November 12 – Jim Sullivan


October 31

And finally, my absolute favourite –

Nightmare Before Christmas
Can I live in Halloweentown?

Jack Skellington

Oogie Boogie
Oogie Boogie

Lock Shock and Barrel
Lock Shock & Barrel

Happy Halloween!


October 30

The weeping angels

The Weeping Angels
One of the creepiest Doctor Who monsters. Don’t blink!


October 29

My fav tv vampires

Russell Edgington
Russell Edgington
Deliciously creepy! How many of you screamed out loud when he appeared on the evening news? True Blood has tried, but will never top that scene!

Check it out but – spoiler alert…spoiler alert…spoiler alert…spoiler alert…

Eric and Pam
Eric and Pam
If only True Blood was the Pam, Eric and Lafayette show…

Spike and Angel
Spike and Angel
The two bad boys of Buffy fame


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